Scented Candles

To ensure that your Bahoma fragrance reaches you in optimum condition, we hand-make our scented products in-house in our own London factory - most of them literally the day on which you place your order. Lovingly hand-poured and polished, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and we feel confident that your satisfaction will reflect this.  A fresh product is key to ensuring fragrance vibrancy and enjoyment, so you'll never receive Bahoma scented candles which have been sitting in a warehouse for three months.

Bahoma stands firm in the notion that a scented candle is more than a source of light. It's our creed that this humble home accessory can transform our environment and mood, bringing us joy and tranquility. A hint of magic is added to any room with the addition of a candle light and our fragrances create a measure of romance and mystery.

We're particularly proud of the fact that we use the finest ingredients and that you can find Bahoma candles in the finest homes in the world.

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